Exterior Paint Preparation – Sealing and Filling Cracks Prior To Priming

As painters we have this urge to make every picture on our website look really pretty and show the finished product, but the truth is that a quality paint job is more about what is underneath the paint than just how it is rolled on. A good exterior paint job requires a lot of prep work. Before the first paint is rolled on the house it needs to be pressure washed, sealed, and cracks need to be filled with putty. For this weeks blog posts we figured we would show some of our prep work instead of the finished product.

This house out in Windemere, Florida, had common weathering problems that many homes in Central Florida have. Rusting and cracks appeared on various surfaces of the home, both big and small, and are must be properly planned for in the preparation process. Before the and paint was put on the home, we sealed all of the cracks, and spot primed the rusted areas. This is a normal process that we do to make sure that the priming and final painting of a home will last. If not cared for, the paint job will quickly deteriorate to its previous form. By doing this intricate prep-work, we have effectively extended the life of the paint, and value of the home, for many more years.

About Keith Daniel

Keith Daniel is the author of "The 20 Year Paint Job" and has been a professional painter for over 25 years. He paints over 500 homes per year and maintains a A+ BBB business rating because of Keith attention to detail and desire to never have an unsatisfied client. Call Keith today at (407) 448-4932 to get advice on painting your home.