Police Looking For Bogus Contractors Who Preyed On Couple

I read a story today about bogus contractors in North Carolina that conned and elderly couple out of $2,700 in remodeling fees. I thought I would put together a quick recap of how others can avoid this from happening to themselves and to their parents or children. One of the most common tactics for a scam artist is to promise the lowest price on a project that should be a lot more expensive. Be wary of any contractor who quotes far below everyone else. There is a reason they are so cheap. It may be because they are not paying insurance, don’t have a license, don’t pay taxes, or are simply not planning on doing the job at all.

The times at which these scam artists come out is generally after a storm or significant event where many homes have suffered damage and are in need of repair. This allows them to go home to home, potentially scamming dozens of people. To protect yourself from a sham contractor, avoid hiring someone who miraculously shows up to perform work, always ask for references, follow up on the references, and most of all: NEVER pay in cash.

Here is the entire article from WSOCtv.com: http://www.wsoctv.com/news/27595203/detail.html

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