How Paint Prevents Corrosion and Protects Your Home

There are some known facts to those that are homeowners in Florida. It is hot, humid, rains daily in the summer, and hurricane season blows all kinds of things around. This poses some sincere concerns to the integrity of the home. How can it take such a steady beating? One method is to make sure you have a quality paint job.

The clear question posed after a statement like that is, “How does paint protect my home from all of those harsh elements?” The truth is that there are a number of common elements, non-exclusive to the Central Florida climate that can cause damage over time.

Protects Against Oxygen
Painting buildings, like your home, protects the metal used in its construction from oxidation, and in this instance, rust. Oxidation occurs over time when the elements in metal and oxygen react to cause corrosion. Paint is a non-permeable layer that prevents oxygen from reacting by completely blocking access to any metal on the home.

Protects Against Water
As paint is non-permeable, it also has the ability to protect the facades of the home from water. Water can lead to the decay of wood and assist in the oxidation of metal. By painting the home, water, like oxygen, cannot reach the surface of the home and cause damage.

Protects Against Debris
Storms bring heavy winds, which in turn carries tiny particles of dust that can wear down surfaces over time. Painting the surfaces of concern provides you with a thin, protective layer that may be worn down in place of the home’s facade, leaving the integrity of the home at 100%.

These elements are accentuated by the intense heat and humidity of Florida, so Contact Us today to see how your home can be better protected!

About Keith Daniel

Keith Daniel is the author of "The 20 Year Paint Job" and has been a professional painter for over 25 years. He paints over 500 homes per year and maintains a A+ BBB business rating because of Keith attention to detail and desire to never have an unsatisfied client. Call Keith today at (407) 448-4932 to get advice on painting your home.