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Daniel Painting has beens servicing central Florida homeowners for over two decades. We know what it takes provide a quality painting job. We made it through the last recession by the countless referrals from our clients due to the quality of our work.

We always offer written warranties, guarantee our work, employ our painters instead of using just any painter we can find, and are licensed, bonded, and insured.

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 Winter Park Painter  Winter Park | Painting Contractor  Winter Park | Painter in  Winter Park FL

Learn more information about residential and commercial painting

Almost everybody needs a painting service especially if you want to build a home or put up a business. How do you know if a company is complete with painting services that you need? Here are a couple of services that you can find depending on what you need accomplished:

Interior painting – this service entails giving detailed advise on every step of your chosen project taking your interior design vision into reality. Some of the interior painting services include staining and sealing, aluminum siding painting, wallpaper removal, interior redesign and design services, paint color consultants, brush and spray applications, plaster repairs, specialty painting and specialty carpentry.

Exterior painting – this is one of the difficult tasks if you\’re trying to do it on your own. With this service, painters offering this provides durability of their work delivering quality solutions to almost all exterior surfaces such as brick, stone, plaster, stucco, asbestos sheet, metal sheet, lime render, Tyrolean, pebbledash, and spar dash

Decorative painting – this service apply to various painting techniques in decorating a house or a building made of various materials by painting on them. It is important because it used to embellish both the exterior and the interior of a building or a house.

Wall covering Installation – a service given for protection and as decoration using a flexible sheet or a fabric usually laminated and printed with a repeat pattern.

Refurbishment – This is provided to customers and clients who want aesthetic and mechanical maintenance and repair of their house or their business establishment.

Other services that many painting companies can make available consist of siding, dry wall repair, power washing, window re-glazing, waterproofing, deck restoration, gutter clean out, plastering, floor coating, textile ceiling and many others. There can be other factors you need that are important so you have to make sure to assess what needs to be done before getting any services. It doesn’t only save you your budget but the satisfaction is much more achieved if you know what you want.

About Keith Daniel

Keith Daniel is the author of "The 20 Year Paint Job" and has been a professional painter for over 25 years. He paints over 500 homes per year and maintains a A+ BBB business rating because of Keith attention to detail and desire to never have an unsatisfied client. Call Keith today at (407) 448-4932 to get advice on painting your home.