Cost of painting a house – Is hiring somebody more expensive than if I did it myself?

When conducting a pros and con list of decision making, cost is one of the biggest deciding factors that will push your decision one way or the other. If you’re waffling between hiring outside help to paint your house and just painting it yourself, there are more deciding factors than just the cost.


Time is really something that needs to be considered. Especially for an exterior painting job, there is a lot of pre-painting preparation that needs to be completed before the actual painting process can begin. All of this preparation is very time consuming and can add to the cost of the painting job. For example, when painting on the interior, furniture must be moved and the tiny holes from paintings being hung up must be patched. This cost of labor can really add up, especially if your house is not exactly in the best condition. The more time that a painting company spends working on your home, it will cost you more money. Adversely, if you decide to do the preparation yourself (such as moving furniture and patching up holes), then you’ll save more money, but you’ll lose some of your time.


Individual cost of firm

The total amount that you’ll spend through a contractor also depends on the rates that they charge. You may think that by paying top dollar for a company that you’re going to get the best results, but that is not always the case. The same holds true for hiring the cheapest company; as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. It is important to comparison shop and then decide which company has the right price to fit your budget.


Cost of supplies

If you were to complete a painting project on your own, you must factor in the cost of materials in order to get a proper cost of painting a house. You’ll need supplies such as:

  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Tarp
  • Ladder
  • Painter’s tape
  • Cleaning supplies

You may even need more supplies depending on if you’re painting the interior or the exterior of your house. You’ll need to make sure that the paint is the exact color and shade that you’re looking for, in addition to having the right paintbrushes to do the physical painting. If you hire a painting company, then the cost of these materials is already included in the price that you’re paying to the company.

It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of hiring somebody to do the painting for you. You may also have to factor in how long it would take you to finish the project as opposed to someone else doing it for you, or you may not like strangers on your property. These concerns are also included in the cost of painting a house.

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Painting companies – When to hire outside assistance

With the economy in such a downturn, you may be wondering why exactly you should pay money for other people to come into your house to do something that you could easily do yourself. It would seem like a fun weekend project; going to your local hardware store, finding which exact color and shade (Eggplant purple? Lavender? Royal purple?), buying paintbrushes, buying painter’s tape, having a ladder that’s just the right height, and purchasing a tarp so you don’t ruin your expensive floors. The cost of doing it yourself could possibly be even more expensive than just to hire somebody else.

For a simple project like painting an accent wall in your bedroom or bathroom, it’s not entirely necessary to hire a painting company to do the work for you. It would only require a fraction of the supplies that you’d need for a complete overhaul of the whole inside of the house, or the exterior. If you have no time for this small project, or feel really unconfident with a paintbrush, then you should hire a painter to do this for you.

Painting companies are usually called upon for larger projects such as painting multiple rooms or the outside of the house, particularly if the house has multiple stories. They often provide other services such as drywall repair and power washing, which are things that clients would like professional assistance with. By offering additional services, it allows their clients to choose their company for multiple types of home repairs.

The most popular times to call upon a painting company are when you’re moving in or out of your house, to cover home renovations, or simply just to spruce up the look of your home. When moving in or out of your home, you want it to be in the best condition either for you to live in or for somebody else to live in. A fresh coat of paint will liven up your home and make it look new again.

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Painting Services – What services should I look for when choosing a painting contractor?

The type of painting contractor that you need is contingent upon what exactly you are looking for them to do for you and your home. With each additional painting service that you choose to add, the price will increase, but it can also be negotiated. For example, if you choose to do some of the preparation instead of having the painter do it (such as patching up minor holes in walls or moving furniture), it will save you some money.

Many contractors offer more services than just painting your home, be it either interior or exterior. The reason for offering their clients such an array of services is so that they’ll be the first company that comes to mind when the client decides that their homes need these types of repairs. Most clients will try to take care of everything all at once to save themselves more time by not having to schedule another time for the painters to come back. Depending on the company, they’ll offer some variations of:

  • Power washing
  • Minor carpentry
  • Dry rot repair
  • Deck refurnishing
  • Minor drywall repairs
  • Cabinet refinishing
  • Antiquing
  • Caulking
  • Trenching
  • Priming
  • Patios
  • Porches

Some painting contractors offer services that they can’t do themselves, so they hire other people to assist you. If this is the case, then the painting and other services cannot be done on the same day unless you have planned it out beforehand so that all of the workers are on your property at all the same time. When your contractor comes to your house for the initial estimate about the painting aspect, he or she will often make recommendations and inquire if you would like any additional painting services for the workers to perform while they are on site.

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House Painters – Why proper preparation is the key to a top-notch painting job

Painting a house is not as easy as buying a few gallons of paint, some brushes, and going to town on the walls. It requires a lot of preparation on both the customer side as well as the contractor side. Both sides need to come together to collaborate their ideas and assist the other with details about how the process is going to go, which is exactly why you need to have a house painter who is both easy to work and communicate with.

On the customer side, you need to have a general idea of what kind of services that you will need, in addition to knowing that your house painter offers those services. By knowing that you want to re-paint the outside of your house, or a room or two in your house, it makes the planning process a lot easier. You will also need to plan out not only what colors that you want to use, but also the different shades of those colors. A house painter can often offer assistance on the shade if you’re unsure. Also on the customer side is planning out a date and time for the house painters to be able to come into your house and do an estimate as well as actually doing the job.

The preparation on the house painter side is a tad bit more labor intensive. If the painting is being done to inside rooms, then the painters will often move the heavy furniture for you. They’ll often ask you to move the fragile items to lessen the chance of breaking anything. Most people have items hanging on the walls, so removing these items and then patching up the holes is also part of the interior painting process. During the price negotiating process, you may be able to save some money by doing most of the preparation work on your own instead of having the house painters do it.

On the exterior aspect, it requires very intensive power washing and scraping. If your house is in a relatively bad condition, then this process will take a very long time to complete, which will reflect in the total cost of the job.

When conducting a painting job, it is important to have a clean canvas to work with, regardless if you’re doing the painting yourself or will be hiring somebody to do the work for you. A poor foundation will lead to poor results, which will require more work in the long run. It is best to do the preparation right the first time in order to make the painting job to be successful and to last a long time.

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Painting Contractors – How to pick the perfect contracting company for your needs

Do I actually need a painting contractor’s services?

You may be wondering why there’s a need for paint contractors when you have your local Home Depot or Lowe’s to supply you with some paint and other tools to take on your project. For those of you who have little time to redecorate but would love for your home to get a face-lift, or the job is too big to tackle alone, painting contractors are perfect. Contractors are also for those who did not receive any creative genes, but would really like to touch up the paint in their homes. Not only do contractors do the physical painting job, they also can help you pick out color schemes and decide what will be the best for your creative tastes and your home.

Cost factor

One of the biggest deciding factors when picking out a contractor is the cost. You don’t want to shell out your hard-earned cash for something unless you know that you will get quality work.  You have to realize that the most expensive contractor does not necessarily mean that they are the best at what they do. On that note, the cheapest contractor should not always be used either. As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for.

It’s important to shop around and get estimates from several places in your area. A lot of contractors will offer a free estimate, and after the estimates you can narrow down your choices. You can easily go onto your favorite search engine and conduct a search for painting contractors in your area, and pick a few of the most promising ones that way. Once the chosen have been selected, go ahead and make a few calls and ask for an estimate. Don’t forget that the cost of the job also factors in how big of a space you will want to paint, in addition to it being outdoors or indoors.

Word of mouth

The best way to go about picking out a painting contractor is to ask your friends or family if they have had any experience with any company in particular. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, it will guide you with your decision. These people in your life are ones whom you trust to give you the best advice. The companies that your friends or family tell you about will comprise your list of companies to inquire about, and maybe the companies you’d like to stay away from.

Personality is key

While the contractors are at your home doing an estimate, you can really feel out the personality of who you’ll be working with. You should be working with somebody who makes you feel safe and secure when they enter your home. It’s important to be able to have an open line of communication with your contractor as well. If the person who comes to your home does not seem like he or she will be able to work with you and is concerned about what you want, then it’s safe to say that the whole experience will not be very successful. Remember, this person is someone who you’ll be working with until the job is complete.

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How Paint Prevents Corrosion and Protects Your Home

There are some known facts to those that are homeowners in Florida. It is hot, humid, rains daily in the summer, and hurricane season blows all kinds of things around. This poses some sincere concerns to the integrity of the home. How can it take such a steady beating? One method is to make sure you have a quality paint job.

The clear question posed after a statement like that is, “How does paint protect my home from all of those harsh elements?” The truth is that there are a number of common elements, non-exclusive to the Central Florida climate that can cause damage over time.

Protects Against Oxygen
Painting buildings, like your home, protects the metal used in its construction from oxidation, and in this instance, rust. Oxidation occurs over time when the elements in metal and oxygen react to cause corrosion. Paint is a non-permeable layer that prevents oxygen from reacting by completely blocking access to any metal on the home.

Protects Against Water
As paint is non-permeable, it also has the ability to protect the facades of the home from water. Water can lead to the decay of wood and assist in the oxidation of metal. By painting the home, water, like oxygen, cannot reach the surface of the home and cause damage.

Protects Against Debris
Storms bring heavy winds, which in turn carries tiny particles of dust that can wear down surfaces over time. Painting the surfaces of concern provides you with a thin, protective layer that may be worn down in place of the home’s facade, leaving the integrity of the home at 100%.

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