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Painting Process of Orlando Painting Company and Contractors

For exterior painting, we follow a strict process which is widely considered a best practice which is what an Orlando Painting Company Would do to insure the longevity of your investment. As a leading Orlando Painting Company we follow the steps below to ensure best result from our paint job:

1. We pressure clean the entire house. Although you may think that the exterior of your house is clean, paint oxidizes over time (this is where that chalky feeling comes from on the outside of a house). Combined with mold and mildew, missing this crucial step can ruin the longevity and look of your exterior paint job. Especially in Florida, most Painting Company in Orlando should look for.

2. We seal all cracks and groves found on the exterior walls of the home prior to painting. This ensures that there is an effective humidity barrier for your home. It also improves sealing performance in extreme instances such as hurricanes. It is also important that when repairing these cracks to actually get the material being used injected into the cracks. This is important because by only applying and patching compounds over the cracks which is common with most Painting Company Orlando area. We find this process to be much better and be more true to elimination of  these cracks.

3. Next all windows, frames, and wooden door-frames, are sealed to ensure water does not filter through door-frames. This also improves the aesthetic nature of your new paint job. Old caulking can ruin the appeal of fresh paint.

4. After caulking a meticulous effort to mask areas that should not be painted, as well as preparation of any accent areas.

5. Primer is evenly applied to your exterior to ensure an even rich color. Primer is important even if you are repainting the same color. We do not recommend requesting us to skip this step.

6. Paint is applied with as many coats as needed to ensure a rich even finish to the exterior of your home.

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